• Claire S.

Upcoming Artists to Watch - Nothing but a Nightmare

Lead singer Eddie Tamanini of the band Nothing but a Nightmare feels that “performing is like my therapy. If you tell me I’m playing a show that’ll cure everything. It’s the best kind of drug there is.”

Nothing but a Nightmare (also known as NBN) is made up of five artists: Eddie Tamanini as the lead vocalist, David Scott on keys, Ryan Scott on guitar, Dom Vacca on drums, and Clayton Malaney on bass. For each of them it’s a little different on how they got into music, but they’re all jazz based.

Eddie started the band in 2015. He wanted to create one and met David and Ryan through ensemble. Originally, they just played covers and “messed around.” Clayton came along next, and finally Dom after they used him drum for a set and realized that he could play it very well himself.

Eddie hates the word genre and doesn’t like to label the band’s music. They all like to make music in general – every song is in a different style. Despite these differences, they keep their music cohesive by having similar messages, keyboard sounds, and vocals.

Nothing but a Nightmare’s songs are about all kinds of things. Some of them use self-depreciation as a way to make themselves feel better, another song is entirely about how Eddie used to be a nerd, and even mental health is a new topic that has been touched upon in their songs.

Nothing but a Nightmare prefers for fans to interpret the music on their own. However, if a friend or fan asks them for a meaning, they enjoy telling the story because a lot of them come from really unique situations. “Problems Being Cool”, one of the songs off their upcoming album Kleptomania, is a great example of that. Eddie had a dream that he was in an orange Jeep with “a lady friend at the time” and she asked him, “did you hear your band’s new song yet?” Eddie said no, and she hit the radio and he heard this brand-new melody he’s never heard before. Then she looked at him and said, “go write it.” Eddie woke up with the song still fresh in his mind and ran into his studio next to his bedroom. He recorded the acapella part at the end of the song and then built the rest of the song around that.

Most of the songs are made through a joint effort from David and Eddie. They throw together a song, get input from the rest of the band, and create lyrics that everyone in the band can agree to and likes. Ryan has also played an integral part in writing at least one song with Eddie.

Two of their biggest musical influences are Panic! At the Disco and I Dont Know How But They Found Me, which was founded by a former Panic! At the Disco member Dallon Weekes. Eddie has even taken bass lessons from Panic! at the Disco’s current bassist, Nicole Row. He feels like she really helped him learn how to put his own flair into his music. Although it would be a dream to play music with Panic! At the Disco, Nothing but a Nightmare feels like their sounds are too similar. They would have loved to create music with Frank Sinatra, but in terms of a realistic collaboration, it would have to be with Charlie Puth or The Struts. Both Eddie and Charlie Puth have perfect pitch, and The Struts have a very different tone from NBN, so they would be able to create something very unique.

Nothing but a Nightmare feels like one of their greatest strengths is being able to put together a “killer” live show. They each have their own individual strengths that complement each other. Eddie has a range, in his own words, “like a 13-year-old girl. It’s wacky.” David can play multiple instruments, and his sax and keyboard solos are crazy. Ryan is a “master shredder,” Clayton is an awesome bass player and can pick up new music incredibly quickly, Dom can perform amazing drum solos.

They each have a different favorite song to perform. Eddie’s is “Can’t Fix Stupid”, which they typically play at the end of the set. Eddie said, “I don’t know what it is about it, but the energy when we play it live is awesome. It’s in a lower key than the recording, too, so it’s really easy for me to sing.” He predicts that some of the songs off their new album, Kleptomania, are going to top it though when they come out.

Nothing but a Nightmare loves performing, though, whether it be a show of one person or opening for Andy Grammer, who Eddie remembered was “one of the nicest guys in music.” Despite all living near each other, they haven’t been able to perform together recently, but they are all still working on music. Eddie has played a couple of gigs recently, occasionally with David, and although he cannot have the rest of the band with him, he always makes sure to introduce himself as “Eddie Tamanini from Nothing but a Nightmare.”

Eddie wishes that the government had put more effort into saving independent music venues, as he sees that the pandemic has not only hurt these smaller venues but also the artists who play at them. He’s not the biggest fan of virtual shows, as he loves to see the audience when he performs. The energy level isn’t quite the same.

In terms of upcoming projects, David and Eddie want to write a Broadway musical. Eddie would love to have it performed at his current college, Rider University. He’s written songs but is most nervous about organizing the choreography, dialogue, and stage blocking. The entire band has an album called Kleptomania coming out on September 18th. They are eager to start preforming together again and are planning to do so next summer.