• Claire S.

Upcoming Artists to Watch - Mile$

The music from the 80s and 90s that his dad used to play for him growing up was a huge reason why Mile$ started to get into music. He simply “fell in love with it.”

Mile$ defines his style as trap rap and likes to write music that has a message at the end of the day. His inspiration often comes from his life, his past relationship, or even situations that he has seen his friends go through. He finds that music can be a great way to process things that one might not know how to handle on their own. The purpose of his music is both to help himself and others in that aspect.

Mile$ is a writer and focuses on painting a picture and writing a story through his songs. While in the studio, he like to take the time to sit back and listen to a beat on its own and let the lyrics stem from the impact it leaves on him. He prefers using a notebook or notes app to record ideas, but occasionally makes voice notes, too. Sometimes it’s as simple as a word or line that he can fit into his music down the road. Mile$ has a degree in Writing and enjoys how there are so many styles that one can choose from to best suit one’s own personal style. Creative writing was something that came very easily to him.

His favorite song to perform right now is a song he released last year called “Whippp”. He said, “I didn’t get the chance to perform it a lot but the first time I did, it was a big moment for me.” He feels like his favorite song is about to change though, as he is working on some music right now that he is very excited about. Although Mile$ has performed several shows, he doesn’t have a preference for smaller or larger venues as long as the crowd is into it. This doesn’t have to mean they were already fans before the show, though. Mile$ feels like his live performances are a great place to introduce people to his music and gain new fans.

Mile$ doesn’t explain his songs to his fans too much. Either they are blunt, so everyone understands, or if they’re not then he likes for people to interpret them on their own. As his music is deeply personal, only people within his inner circle really know the full meanings of his songs.

His dad has had a strong influence in Mile$’ life as a role model. He is a hard worker who made a lot of sacrifices to provide for his family, which Mile$ has a deep respect for. His dad had to put some of his dreams on the backburner, which allowed Mile$ the flexibility to pursue his own. He admitted, “at the end of the day when I get to a certain level of success, that’s the person I have to thank.”

Mile$ is frustrated with the similarities and sheer amount of content in the industry these days. He feels that many artists sound the same, and there is way too much music to digest. It’s hard to stand out with so many people flooding the streaming services. Mile$ stands out through his authenticity and dedication to staying in his lane. He admitted, “I can’t chase what’s not meant for me.” He doesn’t make party songs, as that is not staying true to himself. He also typically doesn’t drop music in the summer, as he feels like his music is better suited for the fall. Mile$ tries not to focus too much on the areas he lacks in and just improves what he already knows are his strengths.

Mile$ is working on music that’s about 80% done right now. He also released a song called No Makeup in July, which was something a little different for him. Although he can be found on Apple Music and Spotify, most of his songs are on SoundCloud. Mile$ is committed to the idea that his music will never be fluff or fake, so everything he continues to come out with will be straight from his heart.