• Claire S.

Upcoming Artists to Watch - J Ingram

J Ingram’s dad was the person who first introduced him into music. He was a musician and not only played the drums, but also exposed Jack to a lot of 80s synth pop growing up. Jack started playing drums like his dad and took off from there. He started a band in high school with his friends and played some gigs. After high school, the band broke up and he applied to USC to do their popular music program. Now Jack’s in LA and writing and producing songs for himself.

Although the band was alternative rock, the sound Jack produces right now is more in the lane of Lauv, LANY, and Jeremy Zucker. He would describe it as emo pop mixed with synth pop. He joked that they were “songs that I want to show my mom, which sounds super lame, but they have some edginess to still keep them hip.” Jack is 22 so he finds that girls inspire his music a lot, but he also considers himself an old soul and likes to write about timeless, nostalgic topics. Even though there’s always some degree of interpretation to music, Jack likes to make his deliverable and mean what he says. A lot of his indie music from high school didn’t make a lot of sense, and although he still loves that, he thinks it’s refreshing to have an artist mean simply what they say.

Jack takes a holistic approach when making his music. He doesn’t like to start with a whole lyric sheet. Rather, he takes a song on little bits at a time. He’ll start with one lyric or one idea and then work on another idea. Sometimes he’ll scratch things and just put them back in his notes to use in a song where they fit a little better.

In terms of his strength as an artist, J Ingram feels that it is being able to do everything. He can play the guitar and piano and knows that if he puts enough time into his music, he can have a sick sounding demo by the time he’s done. He doesn’t need to rely on anyone else (up until the mixing phase, of course).

Luckily, being in a band gave Jack a lot of experience with live performances. He’s had more time to get comfortable on stage than most upcoming artists and was even required to do so at USC. He has seen a huge change in his music since attending college and feels very lucky to go there. He was able to learn under Patrice Rushen, the chair of the program there, who helped him develop not only as a musician but as a person. He claims, “I learned more in four years there about music than I have ever.”

When thinking about what he would change about the industry, J Ingram cited that specifically in LA where he is right now, people are too anxious about their image. He has witnessed that anxiousness cause a host of other problems that hadn’t originally existed. Being from the Midwest, it was a massive culture shock for him and a much harder transition than he initially imagined.

Right now, Jack is working on a few singles. There are about four or five in the queue. He also has a new song coming out in a couple of weeks called “On My Mind”. He can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud as J Ingram for those interested in following his music journey.