• Claire S.

Upcoming Artists to Watch - Christina Sikora

Christina has always been passionate about music. She started playing guitar when she was just seven years old and has eleven years of experience under her belt. Her first songs were written when she was ten, and a few years later she attended a songwriting program at Berklee College of Music. Although her family wasn’t thrilled at first, they eventually warmed to the idea of her pursuing a music career.

Christina likes to experiment with different sounds. She likes to write from her emotions, stating, “my emotions aren’t consistent, so each emotion is going to have a different vibe to it, and I like reflecting that in my music.” Although it’s not always the same, she feels like most of her songs fall into the pop indie genre. Her inspiration often comes from her life experiences. Many of her songs are about relationships.

When it comes to telling her fans what her songs are about, Christina doesn’t like sharing the exact story. She thinks that “there’s a certain magic to music.” Because everyone pictures their own life and emotions, she feels like it can actually ruin a song for some people if she tells them her own story behind it. Besides, Christina likes leaving a little bit of a mystery surrounding her songs.

While creating new songs, Christina likes to mess around on the piano and wait until a “specific melody will hit tight with an emotion I’m feeling and then a lyric will just come out.” Then, she builds off of that feeling and those notes for the rest of the song. New music typically comes to her when she’s in front of her piano because she’s in the right headspace for it. However, she still sometimes will hear or say something inspiring that she has to immediately write down in her notes or record in her voice memos.

Christina feels like one of her biggest strengths as an artist is her motivation and creativity. Once she has an idea she just wants to push through and finish it. She always likes coming back to her music the next day, though, because she feels like a fresh mindset really helps her refine her sound.

In terms of role models she has in the industry and her personal life, Christina is really drawn to people who “aren’t afraid to not filter themselves and have their own opinions and say exactly what they mean.” Christina credits her mom as being a strong role model, and cites Blackbear, Selena Gomez, and Jeremy Zucker as some of her biggest musical inspirations. She would readily collaborate with any of them, given the chance.

Christina has performed at The Bitter End in New York City, and is looking forward to doing more performances. She’s attending Belmont University in Nashville as a songwriting major and hopes to perform more in Nashville in the future.

Christina has an EP and single coming out in early 2021. She has grown a lot as an artist since the last time she released music and has explored a lot of different sounds. She releases her music on Spotify as Christina Sikora for those who want to continue to follow her music journey.