• Billie-Jo Buttner

Exciting News for Model Sheille Clervaux

Friday, November 20th is a night some of our VxV Models won’t forget. Senior Talent Manager Bruce Melton invited 5 models to a soiree in which each person received an envelope with exciting news regarding new opportunities with professional modeling agencies. We spoke with model Sheille Clerveaux to gain insight into how she is feeling and what her next steps are following this announcement.

In Sheille’s words: “We’re sitting at our table and he gives us a letter. I open it and read it and it says I am now officially a full time model and I will undergo 8-12 hours of a photo shoot. I am now non-exclusively working with agencies in New York and also Milan”.

This news came as a surprise to Ms Clervaux as she had never imagined this would be the announcement Bruce had. Professional agencies have expressed interest in working with her and pushing her career forward even more.

Still in shock throughout our interview, Ms Clervaux couldn’t express her gratitude enough and her positivity about the future going forward was contagious. Things will start getting in motion in January 2021, so right now she just has patience and excitement. Until then, Sheille has two runway shows taking place in Chicago and Miami as preparation for her next steps. She has not been to Chicago and has been to Miami just once, so she is overjoyed to visit a new area for modeling opportunities.

“I look at myself differently in the mirror now”

Something that stood out during the interview is the newfound confidence Sheille has gained. This opportunity “took a mask off of my face and said ‘You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are worth it.’” Sheille just can’t wait to live it and go out into the world as a professional model and feel proud and confident while doing so because it is where she belongs.

For the rest of this year, Sheille is simply preparing for what’s next. She is going over notes, poses, runway walks, models, and agencies. In her words, she “just can’t stop learning”.

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