• Billie-Jo Buttner

Exciting News for Model Quinn Crowell

Updated: Feb 22

Friday, November 20th is a night some of our VxV Models won’t forget. Senior Talent Manager Bruce Melton invited 5 models to a soiree in which each person received an envelope with exciting news regarding new opportunities with professional modeling agencies. We spoke with model Quinn Crowell to gain insight into how he is feeling and what his next steps are following this announcement.

“It wasn’t what I was expecting”

Quinn was just happy to network and sit down with Bruce and the other models, he had no idea Bruce was about to present him with a life changing letter. The letter contained information about professional modeling agencies who want to work with Quinn. It outlined what the next steps are and how to put things in motion to ensure 2021 is an optimal year for Quinn to expand into these big-name organizations. Days after the soiree Quinn was still looking at the letter in shock and reflecting on everything there is to come.

Goals that Quinn hopes to achieve are to “become a big time model, like Tyson Beckford. I want to make a living modeling. I want to travel the world and see my face somewhere on 42nd Street. I want this to be my life.”

Advice he would give someone looking to get into the industry is to have patience. “It sounds really cliche, but you have to have patience. And whatever you’re going through - keep going.”

As the interview closed, Quinn restated that he is feeling “hopeful, grateful, excited, and eager.”