• Billie-Jo Buttner

Exciting News for Model Jadel Jernigan

Updated: Feb 22

Friday, November 20th is a night some of our VxV Models won’t forget. Senior Talent Manager Bruce Melton invited 5 models to a soiree in which each person received an envelope with exciting news regarding new opportunities with professional modeling agencies. We spoke with model Jadel Jernigan to gain insight into how he is feeling and what his next steps are following this announcement.

Jadel enjoyed the atmosphere of the night as everyone mingled and talked about the future. Going into the dinner, Jadel had no idea the extent of the announcement Bruce was about to make. Bruce gave each model an envelope containing a list of professional agencies that want to work with them. He outlined the next steps everyone should be taking, not just as a whole but individually as well. Bruce ensures that everyone is taking the steps most necessary for them as an individual to achieve their desired goals. Jadel explained, “It’s exciting. I’m excited about the process and hoping for the best. Bruce knows what he’s doing … and sees something in me. I’m ready to follow his lead.”

Everything will be put into motion starting in 2021. In the meantime, all models are working on themselves to ensure a smooth transition into the new year and the new opportunities. Jadel simply enjoyed meeting everyone at the soiree, receiving the letter was just an added and unexpected plus.

Something Jadel continued to emphasize was the effort Bruce puts in to ensure everyone plays to their strengths - Jadel is older and as a result is pushed for opportunities that may differ from others.

For the future, Jadel is simply enjoying the ride. He is excited to put in the work and follow Bruce’s lead. He states, “whatever can be accomplished, will be accomplished.” Advice he would give to someone looking to get into the industry is equally as simple - “Be patient and be yourself.”