• Billie-Jo Buttner

Exciting News for Model Faheem Saud

Updated: Feb 22

Friday, November 20th is a night some of our VxV Models won’t forget. Senior Talent Manager Bruce Melton invited 5 models to a soiree in which each person received an envelope with exciting news regarding new opportunities with professional modeling agencies. We spoke with model Faheem Saud to gain insight into how he is feeling and what his next steps are following this announcement.

Bruce sat down with everyone and gave them letters containing information on professional modeling agencies that want to work with them. He explained what the next steps are and outlined what each model should be doing in preparation for the coming year. There are photoshoots coming up to help build their portfolios.

Faheem was not expecting any of this and felt a new wave of motivation come over him as these fresh opportunities were presented. Goals for Faheem include anything that can involve the music industry at the same time. Anything on top of this “is an added bonus.” To prepare for his new 2021 opportunities, he has shoots coming up and has to have new measurements taken. He has done photoshoots in the past involving clothing, but nothing of this caliber. However, he is excited and “ready for anything.”

When asked if he had advice for others looking to get into the industry, he stated “be consistent.” When asked how he is currently feeling about everything he had an additional simple answer - he is “super ready.”