• Billie-Jo Buttner

Exciting News for Model Desinee Smith

Updated: Feb 22

Friday, November 20th is a night some of our VxV Models won’t forget. Senior Talent Manager Bruce Melton invited 5 models to a soiree in which each person received an envelope with exciting news regarding new opportunities with professional modeling agencies. We spoke with model Desinee Smith to gain insight into how she is feeling and what her next steps are following this announcement.

Desinee has been a model since she was 17 years old and has felt the ups and downs of the industry first hand. People have tried to play with her career but she feels like with Bruce she gets so much more done and has a lot more support.

Desinee arrived at dinner in New York where Bruce informed everyone that he had good news for them. In her own words, “A lot of hard work is to come.” Bruce gave each model a letter containing information that explained how professional agencies have expressed interest in working with the models and 2021 is going to be a year of new opportunities. A lot of photoshoots, portfolios, and fashion shoots are now scheduled in preparation for this new journey.

Desinee’s long term goal is to be well established and well known. Specifically, being on billboards or commercials would be a dream come true. To work towards this, she is currently working on getting her image together. She wants to make sure she is confident in herself and is proud of the way she presents herself.

She strongly believes that VxV has her best interest at heart. When asked what advice she would give to someone interested in getting into the modeling industry, Desinee stated, “if this is something that you are not 100% interested in or doing on the side - don’t do it. [Modeling] is something that you have to be dedicated to. There will be long days, there will be long nights, and sacrifices that you have to make. You have to invest in yourself.”