• Billie-Jo Buttner

Diana Florencio Stars in New Music Video

Actress Diana Florencio has had an exciting start to the new year! She was recently cast in a music video for singer/songwriter Eddie Tamanini. Eddie’s debut E.P “Untethered” is out on March 19th on all platforms and a new music video is soon to be released!

Growing up in Mexico, Diana watched movies all the time as a kid. So much so that by the time she came to the United States she knew that it was something she wanted to pursue. She entered a theater program in college and the rest is history.

Bruce Melton, the Senior Talent Manager at VxV, sent out a mass email to all actors to find the best fit for the music video. Diana was ultimately chosen and shooting took place in January. The music video took place in Philadelphia and was a one day shoot. Diana gladly traveled from her home in Brooklyn and enjoyed the experience. “Eddie was really focused on making the actors feel comfortable and gave good direction. The temperature was freezing that day and he allowed me to stay in my own winter coat for the shoot which was really kind.” Her travel expenses were covered as well.

The video itself focused on a couple trying to get back together and Diana played the lead girlfriend. Her and her co-star sat at a pier and spent the time pantomiming different conversations. Her character can be described as very excited and lively. She explains, “it was a very nice story about reunion, and getting back together after a breakup or hardship.”

It was very easy for Diana to get into the right mindset for the role. She knew exactly what she needed to do to portray the character and create a nice, romantic music video.

Via @eddietamanini on Instagram

Diana’s momentum is not slowing down any time soon! At the end of March, Diana will appear in an indie film. The director reached out to her personally about the opportunity after seeing Diana’s performance in a previous short film. Diana is keen on emphasizing that “every role is important and the experiences I get are what make me as an actor.”

A final note Diana wanted to include was directed at Bruce actually! “I’m thankful for Bruce and VxV Management for scouting me and always being nice. He talks with a sweet voice and I really appreciate that. It shows how much he cares for the actors and tries to connect with them as much as possible and I’m grateful for it.”

Stay connected with Diana’s future endeavours through her social link below and watch for Eddie’s release of the video coming up!