• Billie-Jo Buttner

Artist Interview - VNIX

Updated: Feb 22

VxV sat down with one of our newest artists, VNIX, to discuss his entry into music, his inspirations, and his future goals.

A Philadelphia native, VNIX was always surrounded by music growing up. Sitting on the back deck, his parents would blast motown and oldies rock. VNIX explains, “I kind of grew up immersed with the spectacle of big artists and that was really the childhood roots to me being intrigued by the bigger stage of music and what you can do to communicate stories and your own psychology to the world and see if it connects with anybody.”

The inspiration VNIX looks up to is anyone who takes the reins to create their own stuff regardless of what peoples' apprehensions are. Strong powerhouse male vocalists such as David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Steve Perry, Prince, and Michael Jackson came to mind as did Lana Del Rey and Grimes. Each of these artists are unapologetically themselves and original which speaks to the type of artist VNIX strives to be. Yet when it comes to writing his own music, he “tries not to listen to [other artists] so that [he] can reflect on the inside to see what VNIX needs to express.”

His artistry is nearly unmatched as he builds his own stage props and designs his own costumes for live performances. He loves putting on a show and making the experience enjoyable for fans in multiple ways. He would love to “build an enterprise out of VNIX with multifaceted aspects of it within music and art to create a world that people can come to with [his] music and concerts but just be so much more interactive than that.” Winning Grammys, headlining festivals, and things of that nature would be phenomenal to VNIX, but he would ultimately be happy if he simply had a cult following.

Currently, VNIX is meeting with a producer to record and finish his first full length concept album titled Apotheosis and second EP titled Zenith Chasm which will hopefully be rolling out this year. He also has music video movies he is looking to release.

When asked about advice VNIX would give to those looking to enter the music industry, he was delightfully surprised that he was asked to provide some. “I think it’s important for artists to not have a narcissistic mindset and think ‘how can I communicate to the world to help heal it and how can I give back’. I’d tell a new artist to start investing money that they’re making - start putting little parts of their paycheck aside into a savings account that can be used for their music.” VNIX gave realistic financial advice an artist can use to further their success. “Resources, Networks, Money. Focus on this triad, connect with people you admire and take notes, engage, ask for advice." He furthers this point by encouraging others to not just take every opportunity presented to them. “Be true to yourself in the sense of not being too desperate. There’s a difference between taking the right opportunity versus every opportunity.”

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