• Billie-Jo Buttner

Artist Interview - Lee Davis

Updated: Feb 22

Taken by Ryan Quigley ( @shotbyrq ) at the Bowery Electric, NYC

Lee Davis is one of VxV’s newest artists and most definitely one to watch! We sat down with her to discuss her inspirations, goals, and plans for the future.

Lee was born in Oklahoma and has been involved in music for the majority of her life. Even as a child she was known for her outgoing musical personality as she did pageants and talent shows. Post-high school she began doing a lot of musical theater, but it wasn’t until the last decade or so that she decided to take her talents down a more singer-songwriter route.

When asked about her long term goals, Lee would love to be able to not have to worry about a day job anymore. “Money has never been my big motivator, but at the same time, especially lately, the more success you have and the more you see fun things happening - the more you wish you had more time to just focus on that.” She also does emphasize that given the current global events anyone is lucky to have a job and she is very thankful for that. But down the road it would be ideal for her to be able to focus 100% on her music and doing what she loves.

Her current focus is on finding recording spaces right now that are set up in the new conditions. She also just finished her second new song in a week which she is very excited about. “I’m getting faster - I just finished a song in 2 days total from beginning to end!” She has two new songs and a cover freshly released on SoundCloud and linked at the end of this article.

“The world may be crazy, but I’m still trying to make things happen”

On top of releasing music, Lee has been doing a live music variety show every Saturday since the pandemic started, streaming from New York City. It is called “Lee’s Saturday Night Special” and can be watched on Facebook & Instagram Live. Not only that, but a separate New York City organization called “Offstage Tunes” that focuses on indie musicians in NYC is starting a new weekly show on Saturday mornings that focuses on new releases and has asked Lee to join as co-host for the first few episodes and be a featured artist.

Fans can listen and support her music on all streaming platforms. Her first EP is on Spotify, while SoundCloud is host to a large majority of her other creations.

When asked about her inspirations, she instantly thought of women in general (not necessarily musicians) that are tough and funny - “those are the kind of people that I sort of model myself after.” Women such as Dolly Parton, Madeline Kahn, or Carol Burnett fit this category as they are not only entertaining and funny, but also good at what they do.

Not only is Lee Davis a talented artist, but she also is keen on helping other performers whenever she can. Younger performers have given her advice on specific websites to use or social media help, and in return she provides performance tips. As a former theater actor, she is more comfortable and used to being onstage than most which allows her to relay her advice to not as seasoned artists. A notable comment she gave was: “This very night is not going to make or break your career. So just have fun … you’ll mess up and that happens, but it’s totally okay.”

It is such a weird time for music, but Lee Davis continues to be encouraged by the difficult times we are living through. “Even though I miss getting to perform, I have no choice other than to [work on other things] like fix my website and write new stuff. [Being a musician] is not all about going out and performing, so it’s been equally helpful.”

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