• Claire S.

An Interview with Pink Nois

Updated: Feb 22

Pink Nois is a singer and recording artist who has been making music for almost 14 years now. The genre of his music most closely follows a combination of R&B and hip-hop but he also likes to incorporate jazz into some of his songs as well. We invited him to sit down for an interview with us to discuss his journey as a musician and what led him to where he is today in the music industry.

As a child, he always found joy in music as everyone in his family was always singing and listening to music during his childhood. He vividly remembers when there were times when his whole family would just sing together for fun without a care in the world. After his mother passed away, he decided to start taking piano lessons to get back into music. By taking piano lessons, he was able to learn how to start writing his own music which ignited his passion for songwriting. He began writing and performing his own songs when he was just 10 years old and wanted to break out into the industry.

The creative process for Pink Nois changes nearly every time he writes a song. Straying away from the traditional method of songwriting, he found that he is able to write best when he already has a tune in mind for a song. Usually, he will be fooling around on the piano with no intention of writing a song and a melody will strike him, leading him to write an entire song. After he has a melody in his head, he will then come up with lyrics to go with the song. Most of his songs follow a storyline sharing his life stories with his fans through his music.

Pink Nois said that he draws musical inspiration from Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino and considers his greatest strength as an artist to be his adaptability to change. He likes to change up his sound as he grows as a musician, which allows him to have total creative freedom over his music. Another trait that has positively impacted his success as an artist is his ability to learn a song by simply hearing it by ear. He is able to find the notes on his piano almost instantly and can harmonize with anyone at any given time. He considers these traits to be two of his strongest attributes which greatly impacted his success in the industry.

In his music, the storyline is able to be deciphered by listening to the lyrics closely. However, at the end of his songs, Pink Nois likes to leave the ending open and up for interpretation to allow room for creativity from his fans. He compares this to leaving a “cliff-hanger” at the end of a book and does it in almost every one of his songs. He enjoys seeing how his fans can relate to their music and finds it interesting how one song can mean something completely different to each and every one of his fans. This is one of his favorite parts about writing music as everyone is able to come up with their own explanation for a song and what it means to them.

His favorite song to perform on stage is “Screaming in Silence” because he thinks that it is a fun song to perform live. When the pandemic is over, he hopes to get back into live performances and get back on stage soon. He will be putting out an EP very shortly, followed by a few additional albums in 2021. He plans on making the songs come together cohesively to establish a storyline for his fans to follow across the albums.