• Claire S.

An Interview with No^a

No^a is an alternative hip-hop band created in 2017 led by Anthony Staples, Ethan Hicks, Caroline Svedsen, Cameron Hicks, and Will Harvey. Founders, Will Harvey and Anthony Staples sat down with us for an interview to discuss their creative process, success story, musical inspiration, and much more!

In terms of finding a passion for music, Will came to this realization just 3 years ago when he won tickets to go see Logic in concert. This was his first concert so he didn’t really know what to expect and he was surprised to see how much energy the crowd had. Before this event, he never got to be close to any of the people he idolized, and attending the show brought a new level to the art of performing to him. He always had the idea of performing on stage in the back of his mind, but this concert really brought his dreams to life and motivated him to work hard to make these dreams come true. He noticed how Logic was able to connect with his fans through his music and realized that he wanted to do the same as he built a name for himself.

Anthony remembers always being intrigued by the idea of music, which led him to want to pursue it full time. He soon began to use music as a creative outlet and an opportunity for personal growth and development. He loves the idea of working together in a group to put on a show that will entertain their fans. Anthony takes bits and pieces from a variety of artists across many different genres to create a unique sound stylistically.

The advice that they have for aspiring musicians is to get out of their comfort zones and don’t be afraid to take risks in their music. During their songwriting journey, they experimented with different ideas and genres until they found one that resonated with them. They believed that if they hadn’t tried out different types of music in the beginning, they would have struggled with finding their sound and being confident about what they were creating.

When they wrote and recorded their first album in 2017, they wanted to get their initial sound out just for fun. At this point in their career, they did not consider continuing to make music as they didn’t consider the big picture of making a career out of it. Shortly after the album came out and started to get attention, they started to work on other projects and decided to continue. As their confidence grew, their sound solidified leading them to their success.

In the next few years, they plan on relocating to live closer together to be able to make more music for their fans. Currently, they are spread out around the country, which makes it difficult to collaborate with one another. Nonetheless, No^a has been able to figure it out and have released many projects that were filmed from where they resided during self-isolation.

Fans can expect an album called “Mindscape” coming out soon, which details the concept of self-expression. The album features songs that are tied to many different emotions that all come together to elaborate upon individuality and expressing one’s inner feelings. Anthony and Will said that the album shares their personal stories of their emotions throughout their lives from various events they’ve lived through. The purpose of the album is to break down the barriers in the music industry and to show their true authentic selves. In turn, they hope to show their fans the importance of self-expression and discussing personal feelings and emotions.