• Claire S.

An Interview with Nepsa

Nepsa is an artist who found her passion for music at just three years old and has been singing ever since! We invited Nepsa to sit down for an interview with us to discuss her love for music and her personal songwriting journey.

When she was three years old, her parents bought her a Britney Spears album and she listened to it all day long. She said that she would always pretend like it was her singing whenever she heard Britney on the radio or on TV. Looking back upon these events, she said that she feels a little embarrassed considering the content that was brought up in that album when she was so young. However, as a child, anyone could always find her singing and she cannot remember a day in her life where she wasn’t singing.

Recently, Nepsa has had more time to work on her sound, which allowed her to be more serious about her music career. When she was still in school, she found it difficult to pursue her dreams musically because she was always so busy. However, now that she is finished with school, she is able to make time for what she loves and continue making music for her fans to enjoy.

Nepsa describes her genre of music as a combination of pop, jazz, RnB and indie folk. She prefers to jump around to whatever genre she is into while writing and loves to switch up her sound periodically. When she’s writing, she emphasizes the way that her life events shaped her to who she is today. Straying away from a utopic perspective of life, she finds it easier to write about “real life” and is always completely honest and open with her fans. Nepsa believes that as time has went on, her sound has changes drastically as she has been exposed to all of the positive and negative attributes of life.

In terms of her creative process, she likes to switch it up rather frequently. Sometimes she finds that melodies cater themselves naturally to different syllables, which impacts the way that she writes. Usually, she starts out on her piano with some chords and then her voice. She finds that the most natural sounding thing is the thing to go with and to not second guess too much.

The artists that have influenced her the most are Kehlani and Banks. She admires their individual style and creativity and strives to have a similar sound as them.

When she puts out music, each one of her fans are able to come up with their own interpretation. Nepsa loves to compare how she was feeling to her fans and be able to have a conversation with them about it on a deeper level.

Nepsa loves to perform in a more intimate acoustic setting because she likes to be close with her fans. Another aspect of acoustic performances that she loves is its impact. Although it is quieter, she has noticed that she is able to better connect with her fans when she performs acoustically and has a bigger impact. She hopes to be able to get back on stage as soon as it is safe to do so! Fans can expect a new EP coming out very shortly! Stay tuned for more information soon.