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An Interview with Model Sheille Clerveaux

VxV sat down with model Sheille Clerveaux to discuss her background, her time with VxV, and plans for the future!

Sheille has been with VxV for the past year, but the interest in modeling began when she was 13 years old enrolled in the Barbizon Modeling program. From this young age, societal beauty standards were already embedded as she recognized that her trim figure was ideal for models. However, Barbizon still held the requirement that she maintain a strict diet. These unhealthy standards soon led to Sheille’s departure.

She soon began to gain weight and develop a healthier mindset, holding the belief of “I’m just going to do what I want to do, because so many things stopped me from doing what I wanted. I want to pursue what I want to”. Soon after, a meeting with VxV’s own Bruce Melton changed the game.

“Going by Bruce’s word is legit”

One thing Sheille loves the most about VxV is the genuinity of Bruce Melton’s help. “He is not just collecting your money … he wants females to pursue their dreams and go after what they want”.

October 24th & 25th showcased this statement, as the models of VxV had sessions at KBL Studios in NYC and Kat Jon Salon in Port Jefferson. They practiced poses and how to perfectly work the camera. The models learned the ins and outs of having personality resonate through the lense. The weekend concluded with a runway shoot that garnered a lot of attention on the VxV socials. Sheille exclaimed, “just having the little taste of what the modeling industry is - I want more … there’s nothing in my bones or in my soul that doesn’t want to work”.

When asked about the future, her excitement was felt by all. Sheille wants to be in Milan, Miami, Chicago - walking the runway for high fashion. She credits Tyra Banks as her role model and if she can be her own version, she’ll feel successful. Tyra did more than just model, she created an organization, television show, and accomplished so much. Sheille sees herself in Tyra as they both have strong relationships with their mothers. Sheille loves that “[her] mom is [her] best friend”.

Advice Sheille wants to give to others is to never give up. “People don't know anything, no one can tell you what it is. These are your shoes to find out & your eyes to see and experience. Whoever is telling you no - they’ve been told no their whole life”.

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