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An Interview with Model Shaniya Mills

VxV sat down with model Shaniya Mills to discuss her background, time with VxV, and plans for the future!

A native to Staten Island, Shaniya began modeling because she loves to create. She began with painting and art, and wanted to try different ways of creating.

Despite being with VxV for just a few weeks now, Shaniya credits them with providing an extensive amount of information on the industry she otherwise had not known. She states, “VxV gave me a lot of insight on the different types of modeling I can get into based on what would work best with my body type.” She also credits VxV with opening her eyes into how time consuming modeling is, laughing while explaining that “ [she] didn’t expect shoots to be nine plus hours long and they actually are that long.”

The weekend of October 24th provided a surplus of new information and a glance into the modeling industry. At KBL Studios in Harlem, she and a few other models ran a test photoshoot for a hair salon and learned how to take the most flattering photos on the runway. Shaniya loved the entire experience as it gave her a feel of what life will be like once she starts booking actual jobs. Her favorite part was the confidence that the test shoot provided. “Usually I’m kind of like, ‘I don’t want to be in the front of everything’, but this experience gave me a confidence boost.”

In the future, Shaniya is looking forward to putting herself out there more and booking jobs with designer companies or doing magazine shoots. She can’t wait until she can “go outside and see [her] face on something. That’s something that [she’s] really looking forward to.”

Our interview ended with this piece of advice from Shaniya - “Just go for it. If it doesn’t work out, there are other things that you can go for as well but don’t be afraid to go for it.”

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