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An Interview with Model Megin Massimo

VxV sat down with model Megin Massimo to discuss her background, time with VxV, and plans for the future!

For the longest time Megin has wanted to model, but it was not until recently that she had the self confidence and self love to actually pursue it and not get deterred by negative commentary. She explained, “right now I’m just doing it for me, to see where I can grow and go from here.”

She met VxV Senior Manager Bruce Melton last year through a different agency that later fell through, but the two reconnected in April of this year and she’s been with VxV ever since. In her own words, VxV has “given me motivation and positive feedback that there is always a possibility regardless of how I’m feeling.” Megin is optimistic that things are in the early stages right now, but later down the line and outside of Covid - things will take off.

Megin and the other female models took part in a test photoshoot on October 24th and 25th at KBL Studios in NYC where they learned more about posing and correctly walking the runway. Her favorite part was being able to work with not just one photographer but two. “It gave me more insight on how photographers work. With the first photographer it was very fun, very creative. But with the second photographer he wanted us very still. It gave me a good outlook on how different photoshoots moving forward would be.”

One of the biggest things that Megin would love to do working in this industry is to make connections and network. Outside of modeling she works as a facilitator and she emphasizes how important it is “to tap into yourself and be yourself, especially in this industry where 30 years ago unless you were a size 0, you weren’t really looked at. The industry is changing and becoming more diverse and that has a lot to do with what I’m working with in my facilitator training.” There are more opportunities for everyone these days and she is confident in networking her way to all of them.

When asked about advice she would give to someone else trying to break into the modeling industry, she stated “find a mentor. Find somebody that believes in you. Also work on self love … in this industry there is a lot of negative feedback and if you are down on yourself all the time you can spiral down. Finding a mentor and finding that self love, you can spiral up and pursue your dreams. You never know where you’ll end up, modeling might not be the end all be all, but something greater will come out of it.”

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