• Billie-Jo Buttner

An Interview with Model Daisey Hunter

Updated: Feb 22

VxV sat down with model Daisey Hunter to discuss her background, time with VxV, and plans for the future!

Daisey began modeling because it is something that she has always wanted to do and she confidently believes she has what it takes. She’s been with VxV for a couple of months now and truly prides them with transforming her outlook on the industry and herself.

Prior to joining VxV, Daisey was a self-described “tomboy.” VxV helped Daisey “gain more self esteem” and carry herself in a more presentable manner. As Daisey puts it, she is much more lady-like now.

The weekend of October 24th was a test runway photoshoot at KBL Studios in NYC complete with hair and makeup done by the Kat Jon Salon in Port Jefferson. Daisey thinks the weekend went perfectly and overall felt like everything was a success. As she puts it, “everyone came together and really showed what teamwork was about.” She cannot pick a favorite part, she thinks the entire process was enjoyable.

For the future, Daisey is simply trying to make a name for herself. What makes her stand out is her emphasis on how much she wants everyone to succeed. She wants to help the team become established in the industry, not just herself alone. Daisey states, “We are one. We’re doing this together. With my shine comes everybody else’s shine.”

When asked for advice she would give to someone looking to get into the business, Daisey states, “if this is something that you really want to do - just go for it. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it, that you don’t look the part or have what it takes. As long as you believe in yourself - you’re good to go.”