• Billie-Jo Buttner

An Interview with Model Adiatu Bangura

VxV sat down with model Adiatu Bangura to discuss her background, time with VxV, and plans for the future!

Modeling has always been a passion of Adiatu, from a young age she entered pageants and knew it was something she wanted to pursue. After years of it being on the backburner, she met VxV Senior Manager Bruce Melton who reignited the passion within her. Adiatu credits Bruce with keeping her on her game and providing honest insight into the industry. She explains how he ensures everyone highlights their strongest points stating, “Bruce says ‘You want to be a runway model? You’re a little short to be a runway model - so maybe let’s look at some other options.’” This sense of honesty yet helpfulness has stood out to Adiatu in her time with VxV.

A taste of the modeling industry was felt on October 24 - 25 when she and a few other VxV models went to KBL Studios in Harlem for training, a makeover, and photoshoot. She believes the tips on Saturday resonated through to the photoshoot on Sunday and her posing was much improved.

Living in Staten Island, Adiatu proved her dedication to this art form by waking up at 4am and traveling quite a distance to the studios. Others may be turned off by this commitment, but she is willing to put in whatever time and effort is necessary for success.

In the future, Adiatu “hopes to achieve greatness. I want to make it.” She emphasizes that Bruce is helping point her in the right direction. She is not doing mindless work, but rather taking the time to further her career in a positive way. When asked about advice she would give to someone looking to start modeling, Adiatu believes one should first find a good mother agency. “If you don’t have a good leader who can show you the ropes and point you in the right direction it’s not going to work out for you.”

She ended our interview with this statement - “If anyone’s looking, VxV is where it’s at!”