• Claire S.

An Interview with Mateo (Armaville)

Mateo is a Columbian-Swiss musician who likes to express his own stories based on the personal experiences he has lived through. His upcoming album details what he went through in 2019 and his personal growth after addiction. We invited him to sit down for an interview to discuss his passion for music and what inspired him to become a musician.

At a young age, Mateo found his passion for music as a freelance DJ and music producer. He found it comforting to be able to turn to music as an escape from the real world and be creative. After being a DJ for a while, he realized he always loved electronic music and wanted to pursue it full time...which led him to where he is today.

Mateo’s favorite part about music is the idea of self-expression. He finds it therapeutic to do whatever comes to mind first. He usually starts by recording chords and then will build upon it to create something unique and magical. He noticed as he wrote more songs, all of his music started to follow a similar path stylistically, which detailed his personal journey. In one way or another, he believes all of his songs are intertwined together. As he grew as an artist, he subconsciously reflected upon his previous self and music. As he wrote more songs, he started to become more true to himself in his music. When he exposed his raw authentic self to his fans, he noticed it was an instant confidence booster and made him want to continue making music even more.

One day he would love to collaborate with Dylan Francis because he believes he has an interesting personality and a unique songwriting process. Mateo said that he loves the way Dylan is able to create music that is unique and personal to his own brand and wants to follow in his footsteps. He is inspired by his perseverance and determination to succeed and strives to go the extra mile to make his dreams come true.

If he could go back in time to speak to his past self, he would tell himself to not follow the “norm” in music and try to create his own personal sound. He acknowledged that when he was younger, he tended to stick to what he was comfortable with and didn’t necessarily want to be different in his music. Now, he is able to overcome that and create a sound of his own that he is truly proud of. He is a firm believer in the idea that people will be interested in an artist if they feel confident in their music. This motivated him to put out music that was different and music that he was truly proud of.

One of his favorite parts about creating music is allowing his fans to come up with their own interpretations of it. He finds it interesting to see how his fans are able to relate to the emotions that he felt while writing the song in a variety of ways. He prefers to keep the true meaning behind his music to himself to give his fans creative liberties over his work and to connect with it on their own.

When he is writing and making music, he doesn’t think of it as work or as a chore, he thoroughly enjoys it and finds it relaxing. Whenever he finishes a song that took a lot of time and effort, it always makes him smile at how much he’s accomplished due to his hard work and persistence. Fans can look forward to Mateo dropping at least one song every single month for the next year or so.