• Claire S.

An Interview with Luke Sorrell

Luke Sorrell is a full-time college student breaking into the music industry. He currently attends Full Sail University and is studying music production, while working simultaneously to make his childhood dreams come true. We invited Luke to sit down with us for an interview to discuss his passion for music, creative process, goals as an artist, and much more!

When Luke was only 9 years old, he discovered his passion for music. He started out by learning how to play the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Later, he found his love for singing and prioritized vocals. Now Luke writes and sings all of his songs accompanied by his guitar and piano. He comes from a family that was not very musically acclaimed but managed to find his passion for music regardless. Luke wants to thank MTV for being his childhood inspiration for wanting to become a musician. As a child, Luke looked up to the artists who were featured on MTV and hoped to be like them one day.

Luke decided to move to New York when he was 20 years old. He worked in sales for a few years at a private jet charter center. There, he met many musical artists who inspired him to pursue music professionally. He was able to draw parallels between their true passions and his own, which led him to aspire to be just as successful as them one day. He realized that he needed to take a risk and leave his job in sales to reach his full potential and further his career in the music industry. Although he was deviating from his “secure” life plan, he knew that he needed to follow his heart and become a musician.

Luke uses his own personal experiences and mistakes in life as his creative inspiration for his music. All of his songs revolve around the highs and lows that he experienced in life so far. Although he tries to make happier songs, he says that he always goes back to writing songs about dealing with “real life.” To him, music is an escape from reality and an outlet to express himself. He wants to help his fans get through the hardships that they may face in life with his music to make sure that they know that they are not alone regardless of what they may be going through.

In terms of the meaning behind his lyrics, he prefers to keep that to himself so his audience can connect with his music on a more personal level. He loves to see what his fans can come up with and how they are able to relate to his music. The impact he wants to have in the music industry revolves around the stigma surrounding mental health. He hopes to inspire his fans to seek the help they may need regarding mental health and let them know that they are not alone.

The writing process for Luke is always changing as sometimes he will figure out the lyrics first, and other times he will work on the instrumentals first. Almost always he is provoked by some type of life experience to write a song about and will create a song to be open and honest with his fans about his life.

Luke hopes to start back up doing live performances when it’s safe to do so and is most excited to perform his upcoming release, “Wolves”. His dream collab would be with Adele because he loves her voice and is a huge fan. He admires her lyrics and aspires to be as successful as her one day.

Fans can expect a new single in October, followed by additional releases to follow.