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An Interview with Jvyd

Jvyd is a hip-hop singer and songwriter based in Florida. Just recently has he started creating his own music and putting it out there for the world to hear. We invited him to sit down in an interview with us to discuss his passion for music and his personal songwriting journey.

About two years ago, Jvyd started to invest more time in his passion for music to pursue it professionally. Since then, he has grown as a person and said that he is able to draw from more personal experiences in his music. He said that he is now able to use more elaborate phrases in his music to truly express the way that he’s feeling. Once he gets “in the zone” he tends to just write whatever is on his mind at the time. He considers writing to be therapeutic and a great way to express his emotions in a creative and unique way.

When writing a song, Jvyd likes to start with the beat of the song and works on the lyrics later on. He said that he usually tries to “go with the flow” and incorporate whatever he’s thinking about when he’s writing. When he has a solid beat, he’ll focus on writing whatever lyrics come to his mind first. He prefers to write with emotion and makes sure that every single word that he uses has a purpose in his song.

All of his songs tend to follow a general pattern, even though many of them are about completely different topics. He tends to build upon each life event as one of his songs are playing, and then will use a new life event as inspiration for his next song.

As he wraps up a new song, he likes to see how his fans are able to apply his own music to their personal lives and connect with it. He likes to share the partial meaning of his music with his fans but is still an advocate for allowing each one of his fans to decipher the meaning however they wish. He enjoys leaving cliffhangers at the end of his song to inspire his fans to use their creativity and make up their own ending to his songs.

In the music industry, he hopes to push past his own personal limit and truly challenge himself. He believes that in this day and age one can only compete with themself and that it is important to always look towards the future. He hopes to be a role model for future artists who are struggling with their confidence and wants to be able to help fellow musicians succeed. His main piece of advice for an artist just starting out is to keep going no matter what and to work hard every single day. Jvyd said that he was able to overcome the challenges that he was faced within the industry by remaining positive and looking at the good instead of the bad.

Fans can look forward to a joint project of six-to-seven songs with Spanish-artist Khalid coming soon. In this project, Jvyd said that he was able to really get out of his comfort zone and dive deeper into the world of RnB. This project will be released by the end of November, as well as a music video to accompany one of the tracks on the project.