• Claire S.

An Interview with Generation Nomad

Lizzy Kistler is part of the female-fronted alternative rock band “Generation Nomad” based in Denver, Colorado. We invited her to sit down for an interview with us to discuss her musical aspirations, personal journey, songwriting process, and more!

For the past 11 years, Lizzy has been recording and releasing her own music in her spare time. Her earliest memory of falling in love with music happened when she was just 4 years old and was taking a drive with her mother listening to Green Day. That day, she told her mother that she would grow up to be a rock star just like them. As a child, she was given many toy instruments. She would spend hours every single day learning how to play her favorite nursery rhymes to perform in front of her family. Her father always pushed her to do what she loves and work hard to make her dreams come true. Her dad was one of her biggest cheerleaders when she was breaking into the industry and has stood by her side throughout the entire process. Generation Nomad’s sound most closely falls under the alternative rock category but is slowly making the transition into dream-pop music. Lizzy considers her biggest musical strength to be her songwriting abilities, even though she claims to have written a handful of ¨cheesy tunes¨ when she was younger. Lizzy says she likes to sing about people and nostalgia. The pattern she sees the most in her music is writing about things she misses or can’t have. Lately, she’s been writing a lot about her ex-girlfriend who passed away last year. When looking for lyrical inspiration, Lizzy has found that it comes most when she’s in the car driving and thinking about life. Because of this, she said that sometimes she even has to pull over to jot down some lyrics before she forgets them. As soon as she gets home, she pulls out her guitar and will write a song about it. Other times she will have a cool riff and will write about what’s on her mind at that time and the lyrics will come to her naturally. Her biggest role model in the industry is Hayley Williams from Paramore. She looks up to Hayley because her music helped her through a very difficult time in her childhood. Lizzy said a few people have told her that her voice reminds them of Hayley, which she considers one of the best compliments a musician could receive. Her dream collaboration would be with either Billie Joe Armstrong, Prince, or Hayley Williams. She thinks these artists would be great to work with because she could ¨learn a lot from them¨ and would be proud of the final product. Lizzy says she loves Prince's music and thinks that to have even shaken his hand ¨would've been awesome.¨ Her favorite song to perform is unreleased as of now… but it’s called ‘Lucky’. Lizzy said that it’s her favorite because all the parts go together so well and ¨sound awesome live.¨ She thinks it will be a great song to perform live because her bandmates have even more fun than usual while singing it. In regards to interpreting her music, sometimes Lizzy likes to keep the true meaning of her songs a secret if she doesn’t want someone to know that it was written about them. But other times, if she’s asked about the meaning behind one of her songs, she will happily oblige. She still advocates for fans having their own interpretations of her music, but she prefers to be open and honest with them about what was going through her head when she wrote it. The thing about the music industry that frustrates her the most is that, in her opinion, musicians have to have a lot of buzz going on for people to notice them. She’s noticed that most of the time people will only be interested in music released by artists who already have a large following, making it more difficult for smaller creators to get recognized. Right now, Lizzy is working on finishing an album to get ready for release, but for the time being, she’s releasing a few singles to get more people listening and saving her tracks. She is also diving into the world of EDM with a new song so that is exciting as well. She won’t be releasing that under Generation Nomad, though, that’ll be under a new name.