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An Interview with Burntstar Khali

Burntstar Khali is a rapper who has been making his own music since he was just 15 years old. We invited him to sit down for an interview with us to discuss his rise to success, creative inspiration, goals in the industry, and much more! When he was little, he remembers trying to memorize the lyrics to every song that he could get his hands on, from a song playing in the background of a commercial, to what was trending on the radio - he wanted to learn it. He was able to quickly memorize the songs that he listened to and realized that he wanted to be just like the people he idolized as a child. His obsession with music was fueled by his exposure to music at a young age. The way that artists were able to express their inner emotions through their music was comforting to him. At the start of his music career, he started to come up with short freestyle raps in his free time. He did all of this in secret but eventually started to share his music with his family. His sister stood by his side and was the one who pushed him to pursue it seriously. Although he was a bit nervous at first, he was quickly reassured when his friends and family supported him on his musical journey. His biggest musical influences are Bob Dylan and Kanye West as he admires their determination and success in the industry. Additionally, he has noticed that as he went through the highs and lows of life, he was able to take creative inspiration from a variety of events and turn them into music. By creating emotional ties to who he is in all of his songs, he is able to really show his true self to his fans. He wants to make an impact on the music industry by being his authentic self and writing music about topics that are usually forbidden. In turn, this led him to expand his sound and take risks with his music. As his sound has developed over time, he has noticed that his music has come to be a combination of all of his favorite genres and artists to make something unique. He took the time to reflect on everything that he created and made sure that it was something that made him proud. When he was younger, he said that he took creative inspiration from the artists that were popular at the time, and was afraid to dive deep and make a sound of his own, which was something that he worked hard to overcome. The originality of his music played a vital role in his growth as an artist and his rise to success. His favorite part about working in music is the feeling he gets when he is on stage performing. He loves to be on stage and form an emotional connection with his fans through his music. When it is safe to get back on stage, he is most excited to perform his song, “No Love” live for his fans. He loves the high energy in that song and it is always a fan-favorite when he is performing. Although he does want to emotionally connect with his fans, he prefers them to make up their own interpretation of his music so that they can relate to it on an individual level. He believes that every person is able to get something different out of a song, which he considers to be one of the best parts about creating music. His purpose is to express the feelings and emotions that led him to write a song but wants the true meaning behind a song to be left up to each and every one of his fans. What sets him apart from other artists is his purpose for creating music. He does everything for his fans so that they are able to connect with his music and overcome whatever challenges they may be faced with. His fans motivate him every day to keep creating music and do what he loves most: make music. Fans can expect new releases coming very soon!