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An Interview with Ana Aveiro

VxV sat down with model Ana Aveiro to discuss her background, time with VxV, and plans for the future!

Modeling runs in the Aveiro family as Ana has cousins who model in Paraguay. As a result, she has always had an interest in it from an early age. She first began modeling with Nine9 but didn’t have a strong connection causing her to depart from them and search for other opportunities. Senior Talent Manager Bruce Melton then came to her rescue and introduced her to VxV which was a perfect match from the start.

When asked about her experience with VxV so far, what stands out the most is the educational aspect VxV has provided on the industry. She had a test photo shoot in October in Harlem where she met the other models for the first time and gained insight into the modeling industry. She learned how to pose and walk the runway and use everything to her advantage - play to her strengths. Her favorite part of the test photoshoot experience was “getting glammed” in her words. She enjoyed working with the stylists and bonding with the other girls. Ana gained a lot of confidence and emphasized that everyone cheered each other on to ensure any nerves went away.

In the future, Ana really just wants to have fun with everything. She is very humble about the experience and is taking it all one step at a time. Long-term, she hopes to continue doing photoshoots and portraits, hopefully relating to makeup as that is another interest of hers. She genuinely just hopes to continue networking and establishing connections as she works her way through the modeling industry to consistent paid gigs.

When asked about advice she would give to someone else looking to get into the modeling industry, Ana stated: “Just be yourself, have fun, and have confidence in yourself and I think that you’ll get far”.

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