• Claire S.

An Interview with Amen Arthur

oming Artists to Watch: Amen Arthur

Amen Arthur has been a premier client with VxV Management and has been a tremendous addition to the VxV family. We had Amen sit down for an interview to discuss his creativity, what steps he takes to become greater every day, and overall, how his music has become to what we know it to be. You can see his responses below:

Music was always on Amen Arthur’s mind growing up. When thinking about the origin of his passion, he stated it was difficult to pinpoint the exact boundary of things that don’t have a physical location. Although he has been a creative in many facets for years, it wasn’t until one of his friends connected him with a producer that he then realized he could truly create great music. For about three years now, Amen Arthur has been sharing his music with others and performing in front of live audiences.

In terms of how he would describe his personal genre, Amen Arthur was adamant about not confining himself to a box, which is a common them for creatives today. This kind of style allows for larger inspirations and greater creativity. Although his style typically falls more in line with hip hop, he does a bit of singing as well, and definitely considers himself a lyricist. His inspiration for lyrics can really come from anywhere at any time. When he first hears a beat, he recognizes that the beat has its own story. He listens and brings that beat into reality through his own creative vision. Often times, his own emotions frequently play a lead role in his music, but he’s also written about topics including police brutality, jealousy, and even has a song called Martian that shows his creative range when making music. Songs can either come to him instantly or take months of work put into it. A perfect reference would be his song "Amen Boi" which was written when Amen Arthur was unable to sleep and just felt the need to create something on a whim.

Because inspiration can hit so suddenly, Amen Arthur missed out on thousands of recordings until he figured out a creative way to be able to keep track of his music. He keeps a second phone dedicated completely to recording freestyles and lyrics whenever inspiration strikes. He tries to keep this phone fully charged at all times, so he never has to lose his music again. This ties into one of his strengths as an artist, because once he has a concept for a song, he knows exactly what he wants it to sound like. Amen Arthur described it as a “straight line” whenever he knows he wants to make something. He doesn’t have to waste time with experimenting because he can focus his efforts on getting the song to sound just like what it does in his head.

While performing, Amen Arthur’s favorite songs are the ones with high energy, like The Kid Now, Amen Boi, or I Am One. He doesn’t necessarily rely off the energy of the crowd, though. He recalled, “I’m in like my own zone, but when I talk to someone that was in the crowd, they’ll tell me, ‘It was just like it was me and you there,’ and I felt the exact same way.”

Amen Arthur loves for his fans to interpret his music on their own and find their own perspective in it. Often, when they ask him questions about it, he likes to answer it with a question of his own. It is important to him for his listeners to engage with the songs on their own and provide their own take, as the songs can have different meanings because different people hear different things. For some songs, Amen Arthur knows that “for a fact there’s only a few people in my life who can interpret the things I’m saying properly.”

Although Amen Arthur has role models in the music industry, he hasn’t necessarily styled his music around them. He acknowledges, “there are a lot of people lyrically who have done insane amounts for the game, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve styled my sound around theirs.” He’s drawn a lot of inspiration from Jay- Z, Cassidy, and Jadakiss and would love to collaborate with them as well. He wants to create something with meaningful impact, that both stays in people’s minds and really touches them. Ultimately, though, the music he makes is for himself, which again make him unique, due to most artists who would say they make music for their fans. As he stated, that he could be the only person alive and would still be making songs.

If Amen Arthur could change anything about the music industry, it would be the savagery. He feels that there are a lot of people willing to cheat and not credit others. He sees the film, art, and music industry similar in a lot of ways. In general, he wishes that people locally collaborated more often.

Recently, Amen Arthur has been trying to find new ways to connect with fans. He has looked into virtual and small in-person settings to showcase his music, came out with new merch, and is going to do giveaways. He added, “we’ll also be doing comedy sketches where I put some music in the background from me and other artists, which helps them promote it and gives everyone a chance to be a part of it.”

He is active on both Instagram and TikTok at @amenboi for those who want to continue to follow his music journey. Be sure to check out his latest music video, "Off Top" which also shows another VxV Management Client, "J Bas".