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An Interview with Alexis Durham

Alexis Durham is a full-time college student and R&B singer based in Baltimore, Maryland. She is majoring in communications at Morgan State University while pursuing her goals in the music industry. Her wish is to inspire other people to pursue their passions and work hard to make their dreams come true. We invited Alexis to sit down for an interview with us to discuss her songwriting journey, musical inspirations, rise to success, and more!

From a young age, Alexis knew she wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry because she ¨always had a knack for music.¨ Her favorite part about performing is getting to express herself in a creative and unique way, and getting to see how fans react to something she created. She gets all of her creative inspiration from her mother who writes poetry in her spare time and gets part of her musical inspiration from Rihanna. Recently, Alexis has started to publish her new music onto SoundCloud and has big plans for her future in the industry. Alexis considers herself as somewhat of a perfectionist and is always looking to push herself out of her comfort zone to “outdo” her previous self through hard work and resilience. This is shown in her music as her sound has changed throughout time as she grew both as a person and as a musician. She predicts that her future sound will be drastically different than what she put out when she first started as a musician, as her musical inspiration is constantly changing.

All of her songs contain a common theme surrounding her personal experiences with love, relationships, and heartbreak. She said that songwriting has always been a creative outlet for her, and allowed her to turn her feelings into something interesting and meaningful. She even considers her songwriting book as her personal diary that details her life story, including both the good and the bad. She decided to make her “diary” public so that she could help fans overcome whatever hardships they are going through and to let them know that they are not alone. She wants to create music that allows her fans to connect with her while still leaving enough room for their own interpretation of her music. She likes to keep the true meaning of her music to herself, which allows her fans to make up their own interpretations of her songs.

Alexis does not have a structured creative process because her inspiration will come at random (and sometimes inconvenient) times. She may be studying for a final exam, watching television, or even making dinner and a song idea may strike her unexpectedly. Depending on how she’s feeling, she may be able to write an entire song in one sitting (which she has done a few times!). Other times, she is able to remain patient and positive while waiting for a song idea to come to her mind. She believes that her positivity and determination are two of her strongest attributes both personally and musically. These traits keep her grounded and enthusiastic about creating and recording her music.

If Alexis could change anything about the music industry, she would want individual artists to receive more credit for their work. Alexis has been through the writing and recording process many times and understands how much time and effort it takes to produce a single song. She believes that individual creators should get the majority of the credit for their hard work and sacrifices.

Alexis wants to make an impact in the industry by inspiring her fans to get out of their comfort zones and do what they love. Her advice to aspiring musicians is to just go for it head-on with a smile. When Alexis has “writer’s block” she tries to remain calm and collected so she can clear her mind and try again. She recommends that an aspiring musician should be surrounded by those who will provide unconditional support throughout the entire musical process to keep them motivated. Her main piece of advice for someone starting out in the industry is to work hard and trust the process.

Her long term goal is to keep pushing herself to do better and create songs that are new and unique for her fans to enjoy and relate to. Fans can look forward to new songs and upcoming music videos in the near future!