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A Client's Perspective ...

Actor Victor Mendez Polanco provides a firsthand view on working with VxV

“To start, I would like to thank VxV Management and the whole team including my manager, Bruce Melton, for the amazing work they do to help and guide each of their clients. To have the opportunity to finally receive my first casting in a film or movie was amazing along with the experience itself and I cannot wait for more. I was cast in the film, Mi Familia 2 by director and producer, Joe Ciminera, to play the role of a gang member. Once I arrived at the place of the shooting, I immediately began to network with others that were taking part in the film as well as the director himself. Since I am new to the acting industry, I wanted to make myself known and gain more opportunities and connections. Once the director started asking us who wanted to take part in specific scenes, I found myself standing up and walking toward the opportunity. I refused to be standing in one spot and wait on being called by the director. This led me to being a part of multiple scenes while some had to settle for just 1 or 2. What I would say to anyone that is taking part in their first opportunity in film or television, is that you should always interact with your fellow costars, the director, and anyone that is involved with the production. You never know who you’ll meet that can introduce you to a potential opportunity - like being on the big screen - all because you showed your interest just as much as you said you wanted it.” Thank you again Bruce & The VxV Family, ~ Victor Mendez Polanco