Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at VxV Management stems from our core beliefs as a company. 


We aspire to be transparent and honest with all of our clients to better the damaged relationship between business and creator that the entertainment industry ruined. 


We believe that 100% of people are creatives in their own right and their own way, so we choose to give an opportunity to anyone that has dedication and passion to achieve their dreams. Not to get this confused with us working with everyone,

 which is not the case. 


VxV Management’s client roster is premier and filled with truly dedicated professionals in the entertainment industry. 

We hope to put the power back in the creative’s hands, and allow ourselves to become that very much needed support team that these clients want and need. 


Our competitors are looking to take advantage of the in experienced individuals that lack industry knowledge and sign them into a contracted deal that they can never get themselves out of. 


VxV Management prides itself on its NO CONTRACT management and marketing service that gives the creative the freedom to do as they please. 


Us as a company, we are proud to say that we have yet to lose a client, but we are consistently gaining clients, the question is, why are you not one of them?



Honesty  Commitment . Dependability Efficiency


This is us

“You just can't let life happen to you, you have to make life happen.”

 - Idowu Koyenikan


Norman Hall

Chief Executive Officer

“Success is earned and not given.

Failure is earned when an excuse is given.”


Bruce Melton

Sr. Talent Manager

“People ask us, why do we do it then later they ask how we did it?  At VxV Management, we always deliver, present and conquer!”

Gabrielle Iarocci

Sr. Talent Scout

"VxV Management's services are incredible! VxV Management's innovative approach to the entertainment industry is a recipe for success. The family dynamic and the commitment to their clients is quite rare in the entertainment industry."


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